Need that link to log in for SeeLevel

Just got a new computer, and I'm having to enter all my MSCs and log in and passwords...and none of the links on-line allow me to login to SeeLevelhx.

Anybody have a link that currently works?

Many thanks.

(Yes, I know it's been here before; but my search skills must suck, because I can't find it.)

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Doesn't your old computer store bookmarks, passwords, and logins? Install that browser on your new computer, log into your browser's account, and sync it to the new computer it will save a lot of time.

sestrahelena, you know you are talking to ceasesmith, right? She admits to being a tech dinosaur repeatedly.
Yes, indeedy. "Synch" is way, way over my head!!! Went by soooo fast -- can't you guys spot the contrail?

smiling smiley

(And old computer dead as a doornail, anyway; no way to synch if dead, right?)
Well actually it's not your old computer that syncs, it's the browser you use. If you use Chrome, for instance, you sign in with your google account. Then Chrome knows all of your bookmarks and loads them exactly like they were on your old computer. Firefox is the same thing. Not sure about Edge or whatever the Microsoft brand is because I don't use it.
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