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I know you all say that Ath Power is reliable but I haven't worked for them before. I have three November shops that my log says were "paid" December 31st but how?? It is impossible to get through to them, my scheduler just copies and pastes what's on their site but say they have nothing for me from them! Any tips on how to get hold of them? Or if you know how I can find out what is happening? Thanks!

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They pay by check or direct deposit. If it is marked paid, you still have to wait for the payment company to pay you. Look into your log to see how you get paid or ask your scheduler who you should speak with. You should know how you were to be paid, you had to sign up for the payment.
Ath Power main number 978-474-6464 press 3 for shoppers

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They also pay via a third party. On their end, it says "paid" but you have to wait for the third party to release the funds. They should hit on 1/11 or so.

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I am experiencing the same issue. I have worked for them before and always been paid. This time it shows paid 12/31/19. I have not received payment and cannot reach anyone to get information.
"How" did you receive payment? Was it by mail, email, direct deposit? I honestly can't find where I specified??
Paid today! At least the electronic check, and in our banks by Friday. Glad to put my November spreadsheet to bed....

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