Has anyone done the Intellishop Cell Phone Audit?

Apparently they send you a training video after you accept. It involves taking pictures of tags and gathering prices. Has anyone done this? Tedious? Worth it? TIA

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Even when they are "bonused" I still press delete. Being for hours in some of these stores trying to secretly take the photo of each pricetag for every single phone and it has to be clear and perfect. Then upload them on the report and then have to answer some really stupid questions from their editors. I did a few similar audits for one of their other clients but the bonus was significantly higher and it was revealed. I can make the same amount doing the exact same location as a phone shop for other MSs. I love when they sent the emails with "urgent deadline shop" with "high bonus" of $2-3, or the computer generated that look personalized emails "KateH, can you do me a favor? I sent all these emails in the same trashcan as the great paying shop with the Tuesday $15 reimbursement shop. (Another shop that I made the mistake to accept once thinking that I would get a $15 gift for a nephew. At least it was bonused.) Any shop for Intellishop needs to be well bonused just to compensate with the possibility of an annoying email exchange that I might have to deal with their editors. As others have mentioned, I have also submitted multiple times the report again without making any correction and it goes through so I have no idea what the deal is with their editors.

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I've never had an issue. I've done the shop a few times. It is not worth the regular price however. If it is a larger store with over 100 phones it's an hour of in store time, then the time it takes to upload the photos at home, it wouldn't be worth the time. :/ Wait until it's bonused, and when you have nothing better to do. Just make sure the photos are good and the shop will go straight through with no issue.
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