Market Force not working?

Can't get the website to download properly to enter my report. Other websites are working. Anybody else having trouble? MF says they are having some technical problems.

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I was able to log in just now with no problems. I have no reports due today so I am not entering any reports and don't know if I would have a problem with that or not. Where did you see that they are having technical problems, did you contact helpdesk?
I just logged in on my laptop and my phone. Sometimes I need to hit the log in button twice on the computer, but I got in ok. I'd try a different browser like JASFLALMT suggested.

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It has been several days and I have not been able to log in to Market Force on my computer when I am at home. I think I was able to log in when I was at Starbucks. Also, I am able to log in with my mobile devices. I remember this happened once before with MF.
This from their website:

"Our Shopper Website works best with the Google Chrome Internet Browser version 35 or newer. If you are using a different browser, you may encounter problems with the website's functionality. Our website is also supported on Internet Explorer version 9 or newer, Firefox version 24 or newer, and Safari version 6.20 or newer. If your browser is out of date, please update and try again. Please also verify that you have JavaScript enabled as this is needed for the site to function properly. If you still encounter any problems using the website, please let us know what operating system and internet browser you are using to access the Shopper Website to help us better troubleshoot your issue."
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