When will these darkness shops ever go away??

I have kids who need dinner and bedtime, and I can’t be off doing shops in the middle of the night. It is driving me crazy that most of the gas station shops in my area have been darkness shops for SOOOOO long now!

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OK so I am new to this forum but have been doing these jobs for several years. I have hit my first glitch though I just found the BP after dark photo shops and it requires you to take a short quiz after reading the instructions. I have taken the quiz three times and feel ridiculous that I didn’t pass it. The first time I know I did accidentally click a wrong answer but I am curious if anyone knows if these are a one Try only or is there some trick question that I am just missing? I’m really frustrated that this is happening to me

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Ah, one perk of having grown kids! These days I can work any hours. I kind of get a kick out of waking up at 12am and heading out for work around 1 (for the assignments that don't have timeframe restrictions). Much quieter and peaceful in the wee hours.

I love these because I don't even have to get out of my car. However, I don't have kids so I can understand how frustrating it can be if you want to do them but familial obligations take precedence. Around here, we also have gas station shops that can be done from early morning to late at night. You have to purchase gas and an item inside, but I think the pay is pretty good. Do they have anything like that near you?
I love them but my youngest in college so the night work is no problem for me. In fact, there are 8 of these shops taunting me now. They are too far to be worthwhile on their own but I will be driving past or very near each of them this weekend. The only problem is I will be passing them at the wrong time of day. sad smiley sad smiley
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