Presto shops BEWARE

UPDATE: I was contacted by PRESTO rep Colleen. She investigated my shop and determined it was a Glitch in the system. I am very happy that PRESTO staff cares about the people completing these shops. So my shop will be paid. Completely satisfied with the results.

So I completed a presto shop at a BP for the Helios dark project. It was my first one at this address and I have only completed a whopping 2 shops on presto. One shop was a Papa johns pizza the address they had listed was a location that was demolished years ago. The papa johns moved to a new address so all I could do was submit the pictures of the location. I submitted the shop and never got a denial or approval from them. So today I submitted my BP dark shop and I get a quick denial from the reviewer. Stating I used a picture from another shop !!!! Okay so this is IMPOSSIBLE because I have never completed any shops for this project at this address before. The reviewer is stating duplicate from another shop which does not exist. I emailed her 3 times and she does not respond. How can there be a duplicate of another shop that does not exist ? also I am 1000% sure I did not submit duplicates. I checked and re-checked before submitting and verified no duplicates. This was my first shop for Helios at this address. Not sure what to do now I am just glad I have only the one shop. So to all shoppers beware something is wrong with the PRESTO app.

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They had a problem with the software identifying the pictures incorrectly. It's fixed now. I did one of the Dark Audits and got paid with no problem.
Morledzep, who told you about the software problem? My emails about my rejected shop are not getting a response and am wondering if you have a name of someone to contact?
I had a similar problem where my first shop got rejected because I used the same picture for canopy as for showing an infraction (there was no perimeter lightning). I honestly did not know I could not use the same picture twice in the same report. When you get a shop declined there is a button that you click and lets you appeal, so I clicked on it and send them an explanation, that I had more pictures available and if they would had asked I would have provide them. After that I did a couple more and have not had any problems, if there is a problem with a shop, they send me an email to fix it and submit it again.
@SHOPPER1515 I am very familiar with MSC day time shops rule of no duplicates. All the pictures submitted were different and not duplicates. The denial says I used a photo from another shop. I have not done Helios dark before at this address. The fact is I have only done 2 presto shops. I only wish they would at least respond to my emails and tell me which photo they are referring to, but they do not. I also took extra pictures so replacing a photo would not be a problem. It is very disappointing the way some reviewers treat people.
@Morledzep Do you have contact information ? I have only gotten the auto denial emails.
OP, you've spent far more than $10 trying to fix this already. I'd let it go. Your hourly rate is somewhere around $3.33 by now.
Same exact thing happened to me twice!! Totally bs because I take them on site and not from my photo library and not it was the same sceduler both times! 36 others I did were fine
I received a denial too, stating that I had submitted duplicate pictures which was impossible because 1. When I submitted the previous location's assignment it disappeared from the shops that I needed to do so the previous shop was no longer available and 2. The next set of pictures were still on my phone with a completely different time stamp, one which matched the time of submission the one that was denied. I sent an appeal which was not responded to. I would have pursued it further, however I had to drive past the denied location to take a picture that I did miss the first time and I ended up picking up additional work at that location so redoing the shop didn't cost me anything extra. Glad to hear the problem was fixed, however it would have been nice had the appeal been responded to.
I got a denial too for 3 locations out of about 10 that I did and each time they said I used the same photo twice. I filed appeals and asked to see the photo's in question, they never responded, after that I was done, I'm not going to waste my time, if I'm not getting paid. I also just seen they are doing presto for the regular audits as well starting in February, I've done thousands of those kinds of shops and if I start getting burned on them too, I will just work with another companies.
Yep me too! No more for me!! Now on the regular audits, what do they entail? Are they revealed? When do they start in feb? Thanks for your help!
Regular Audits are revealed and they are daytime only. I have done a lot of the regular audits for this MSC. Good news is PRESTO staff is actively monitoring their system for glitches and they will fix your shops if they get denied by system bug. My previously denied shop was investigated and they found it was system error so they will pay the shop.
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