Cell Phone, Burger & Gas Station Audits with Market Force

New shopper here, I was wondering if anyone has done these jobs with Market Force? The cell phone & gas jobs are 10 miles from my work, with zero traffic to get there in a small town so no shop is ever busy with customers. The burger shops are 20 mins away in a much bigger town but anytime I've been in there they still weren't super busy. Was wondering how involved they are as far as the on-site work & the reports (massive narratives)? I've done the night gas audits for Presto, 10 mins max is pushing it. Cell phone shops with Trend Source, easy MS shop & report. I have never done a food shop.

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MF has gas station mystery shops and gas station audits. The mystery shops can definitely be done in under 10 minutes - super easy. For the audit, I would recommend to expect at least 45 minutes on site for a new auditor. I've been doing these for many years and am usually done in 15 or so minutes. I find these jobs easy as well.

The cell phone shops could be a mystery shop or an audit. Although I haven't seen the mystery shops on my board for a few months now. Anyways, there are audits for two different cell phone companies that I have seen. The audit for one company I can usually finish in 10 minutes if I have the managers attention, with no interruptions. The other company usually takes me 20-45 minutes depending on whether it's the regular audit or the long audit.

I haven't completed a burger shop for years so I cannot comment on those.
The fast food shops are my favorite! I've done tons of them. I fill out the questionnaire straight from the app on my phone. The questions are straight forward, mostly yes/no type questions. Picture of your food and your receipt. That's about it! Highly recommend trying them!
You need a room temperature IQ to do the mystery shops for MF. I have not seen a difficult shop from them in 20 years. I would not worry about any of their shops being too difficult. None of their shops require narratives over 250 words in my experience. Mostly they are yes/no or multiple choice answers.

I can't speak to the audits. I don't do those. They don't pay enough.
My room is currently at 58 degrees.

No need to insult those of us who rely on MF for bread and butter.

I don't care how many other shoppers call MF easy -- I sweat bullets over EVERY new shop. And I've been shopping over 10 years.
Thank You All. The cell phone appears to be an audit working with the store manager. The gas station is maybe a shop then reveal since there is a reimbursement of up to $10. No info on the burger, but if they are generally easy then I'll give it a go.
Another question about Market Force. Is it easy to use their Eyes On app or is it better to just upload the pics from your phone to their web page?
I started doing MF shops on the computer, but the app is very intuitive and user friendly, so I use that now.
Burger shops are easy. However, anything new will take some getting used to. I can do the burger shops blindfolded. The reports are easy. All of that MSC shops are easy to do and don't take much time. There is an exception. I would not do a particular phone audit, especially at the insulting opening fee. If you do audit phone, wait until the fee is approaching $25 before considering it. One particular phone audit I will not do for less than $30, and I would probably pass on it anyway. I have not done the revealed gas station audits. It seems to me that it would take more time than I care to spend doing them. However, I have done a million non revealed mystery gas shops with them. Very easy.
If the eyes on app works and I can load it to my SD card great. But my cell phone provider only allows 4 Gb of data down and up and I have so much load into memory now that I have no idea if it will work.

I just tested out the eyes on app and tried it out again. I went through up till it asked for the date and the times for in and out of the shop. Forget it, it had to contact the server of every dang question. With my luck, I just used up a Gigabyte with the 3 questions.

Oh did I mention that I get the free phone service that the government offers? Unlimited calls, text, and 4gigs of data.

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