I got paid well but how long does it take for a msc to take a shop that does not exist off the boards?

I do about one shop a year for Intellishop but saw a fast food drive thru shop with a $20 bonus. It was in West Los Angeles where most every shop gets taken at base or at most a $2 bonus. In retrospect I think their regular shoppers must have known this location had no drive thru. After a harrowing trip thru rush hour traffic and construction I found the place. No drive thru and no open space for one anywhere. I looked around back too. I sent a few pics and a note to the scheduler. The next day I saw the same shop on the board again. I contacted the scheduler again. In anguish that my trip was in vain I waited for payment. Finally got it! The entire bonus and half the shop pay. Kudos to Intellishop for coming through with this.
But I have seen this time and time again when i have let a scheduler know a store is totally closed and gone. Usually I just let them know and do not take a photo as it is not worth $3 to drive over to get one. But I still see the shop posted for months and months. This is true for many msc's. How many $2-3 payments with pic proof does it take for a shop to be taken down?

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It took HS Brands 8 months to remove a ff shop I reported as closed, gone, caput. Every month when I saw it hit the job board again, I e-mailed the scheduler to let him know.

SeeLevel currently has a shop they've been doing over a year, again, ff. It has no drive thru. It has no dine in. It has no restroom. I've been telling them that for a year now, and every month it's back on the job board with drive thru and dine in.

I will say, I put these comments in every report, and every report has been accepted and paid.

(Yet another word spellcheck doesn't recognize -- caput!)
I keep doing a gas station that's been closed for about a year. With bonuses. They post it, I'll take it!

There is a post office in a nearby town that I have been doing for many years. A few years ago, they changed their street address but the location is in the same building and hasn't moved (it's at an intersection of the two cross streets). For several months, whenever that question popped up about whether the location matched the address on my paperwork, I explained why it didn't. Finally, I contacted the scheduler, who contacted the project manager, who had it fixed. About four months later, for some reason, it reverted back to the old address again. I again reported it, and after a couple of months of making notes in the report (which they must not read) and contacting the scheduler, they fixed it again. Things were fine for about a year. A few days ago, I did that same location and it had reverted back to the old address again. I contacted the scheduler and haven't hear back yet about it. I wonder how many more times I will shop that post office before they fix the issue. SIGH.
Not sure what happened to my reply from yesterday. But I will have to start taking these shops if I see them again esp if they offer a bonus or are on the way. But many msc do not state their policy on closed/un doable shops. I would hate to go somewhere and find that msc does not pay anything. The shop locations that are out of business that I check out generally end up with a bonus but I worry I will get paid zip.
Maybe someone can start a sticky note thread with a list of msc and their closed location policy.
Ipsos has a shop for an appliance at a store that has been closed for at least three years. I have sent in the info that the store is closed but alas it still shows up. At least it is for a backup shopper.
The MSC which often schedules bank shops for other MSCs insists on sending me to a bank location that has been closed for 3 years. I sent photos was the branch had signs that it was closed. About 2 months ago, I sent photos of the new tenant and the newspaper article that says the branch closed about 3 years ago. I figure that they can either keep paying me, or they will be paying someone else. I chose to take the money.

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