Trendsource dropped me

Now that I've moved I'm able to do many of Coyle's nicer restaurants and after not working for them for years (due to distance), I now got two good ones...surprised and glad, good food, close by, it works. Trendsource and I agree to disagree, no longer do much for them, and it's o.k., as I NEVER got pad...but did like their quick pay.

Live consciously....

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@alextrainer wrote:

In Cincinnati TrendSource pays 9 bucks for groceries and 5 bucks for the report without a bonus. 14 bucks not bad for a 20 minute grocery visit and 10 minute survey form completion - that's 28 per hour. I would have to travel 5 to 8 miles one way from home to go to the grocery store anyway. Rarely do they offer any bonus what they call PAD.

Never seen nine or more bonus dollars on 14 dollars offered by TrendSource for any grocery or cell phone shops in past 10 years in OH or TN. What city/state do they offer those bonuses?

I no longer do 3-5 dollar phone shops or 10 dollars or less visit shops since it is too low for my time needed.

Which companies offer the best pay given pay/time ratio? That's better to know then just for me to look at a list on this bulletin board here: []

Thanks for your help.

I live in Oregon and I have been bonused for both the cell shops and the grocery shops.

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