List of mystery shopping by category that has shops at least once a month in my zipcode

I can access the list at MSPA of all their shopper websites but I have to go to each one and register to know if they have shops near Cincinnati OH. I registered for over 50 companies and found about 10 had shops in Cincinnati. Yes, I know they can pick up a client in Cincinnati at some point in the future, but would like a list of those who regularly post shops in Cincinnati. And maybe MSPA doesn't list all of them. Yes, I know of the scam companies and never pay in advance to get access to a list of shops and verify they are legitimate before doing a shop. Have never been scammed after 15 years of doing shops. What other resources would provide this information?

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MSC get new clients all the time. If an MSC does not have a shop near Cincinnati today, what is to say they won't tomorrow? Moreover, the fact that no shops are listed on a job board does not mean that the MSC doesn't have work there. Consider: It is entirely possible that all the nearby shops have simply been assigned already. It is also very true that not all work is listed on job boards.

In other words, it would be impossible to have any sort of reliable database that lists MSC's by geographical region.

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Alex,I scoffed at your question initially. But then, it got me thinking.

If you check the "New Shopper" area, you'll find info on aggregate job boards. Whenever I'm traveling, I check the aggregated sites to see what shops are available at my destination.

Even the job board here often has jobs listed by state or region.

I have found phone apps that show shops on a map especially useful.

Good luck.
Have you registered with us at KSS? We schedule for several mystery shop companies.

Consider the time of the month also. Most shops have monthly deadlines, so by the 24th of the month, most are filled, especially in large cities.
WOW. I just went to New Shoppers, and it's a HOT MESS. The "sticky threads" about how to find shops seem to be gone. I'm sorry I misled you. Just do a search on the forums "How to find mystery shopping jobs".

Good luck.

The job board here, you'll find on the drop down menu below "Show All Forums".
Try (free version), Prestoinstashops (app on a smartphone), and
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