Have you seen new gas stations shops?

Any of you notice gas station shops with new MSCs? I'm in rural western Nebraska, so don't tell me if I'm competing with you. But I really need to know where all my gas stations have migrated to, the new MSCs that didn't have them before. I'm thinking, you know, if you see a bunch of gas stations with an MSC you shop for, that you've never seen the gas stations with before.

Any help would be deeply appreciated.

(Sorry for the lack of clarity; I normally write clearly and concisely -- but I hurt so bad all over today, I can't think. Even my teeth ache!)

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@ceasesmith wrote:


I still fail to see how shopping is worthwhile then.

You'd be better off selling that collection of shoes on eBay (said the person, me, who can't do any shops right now. I made a ton on eBay this winter.)
Gave the shoes away. 80 pairs of Ferragamo. Tried to sell them on e-Bay, but it just didn't work.

I pay someone to take me shopping. She shops, too.

A little coming in is better than nothing.
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