MF gas stations shops -- have they truly gone to quarterly only?

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Cease, that would surely explain why ALL the shops are still at $15 with no "Make an Offer" and near the end of the month.
Did you hear something?
Yes, it certainly does explain it, doesn't it? Should have some MASSIVE bonuses coming our way in March, as every single gas station within 200 miles of me are still on the board.

Yes, I did "hear something".

I can't AFFORD to do them for $15. This cycle, they are full audits. Even on a route, that's utterly too time-consuming (including the reporting). I end up not making even minimum wage! I don't have the time on a route to waste on less-than-minimum wage jobs! I can't make my targeted $25 an hour if I take $15 full audits!!!

I'll just keep on doing for the companies that pay from $37.50 to $90 for the same amount of work.....
Shop owner around the corner from us where we fill up all the time (who knows we shop) mentioned it to us last week. Apparently they were notified by their supplier.
I have only done 1 route for the gas station shops and it really wasn't worth it and frankly at the price they are offering will never be worth it.
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