If you are a new mystery shopper, here is a fair warning. I completed a Hotel Overnight Shop and they completely scammed me and refused to pay me. They were not willing to listen to my side of the story and just assumed their own conclusions. Not to mention, the owner John and workers Diana as well as others are not willing to help you. I thought we were working for them? I thought they were supposed to treat us with respect? There are a lot of good companies out there, stay away from REGAL! Just a warning. Besides their pay is terrible, they dont pay a fee, and the reimbursement I received was after 3 months!!

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I hear your frustration. I have not worked with Regal, but I have done hotel shops for a number of other companies. They tend to have very different expectations than your run-of-the-mill mystery shop. You have not been with us long, so may I ask if you have done hotels with other companies? Generally those with no fee are substantially easier and more straight forward than those with a fee, where the narrative can go on for many pages. I am aware that others have complained about Regal but there are other shoppers here who have had no issues, so I always wonder whether someone stepped into a hotel shop expecting it to be more like some other type of report and treated it accordingly.
What sort of issues did they seem to have with your shop? Did they refuse to reimburse you?

BTW, 60-90 days is typical for hotel shops pay and reimbursements, except for Dave Buckalew. He pays very promptly, but pays less than average for that class of hotel. He is, however, absolutely great to work with.

In my experience, they actually pay a higher fee than most hotel shops inn the same class/range of hotel.

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