Ipsos Acquires Maritz...

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I suspect the Maritz mystery employees are more upset then the shoppers. We have other options and other MSC's and Maritz is probably the sole source of income for most of the employees. I can't see Ipsos taking over and merely overseeing the Maritz operation but rather incorporating the clients into their system. And, as I see it, say goodbye to self assigning, routes and monthly planning. I'm not happy.
reading this made me nervous so i called maritz. one of the ladies on team 3 acted like it wasn’t a big deal, and nothing would be changing on their side. who knows.

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@jay225 wrote:

how are ipsos with bonuses compared to maritz?
Where is the laughing emoji?
"Bonus? We don't get no stinkin bonus!"

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Yeah the hefty bonuses you could get with Maritz is what will hurt most at least for me. Self assign was nice for some jobs that paid fair and did not need a bonus. Harder to do the bonus negotiation with IPSOS. I never had an issue with the Invoice as I always just invoiced after submitting each shop. Since its such a large merge it may take 6 months to a year. I sure hope so.

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Quick question. On the Presto app, how long do you have to complete a shop after you accept it? IPSOS never will answer me (not for a while) and I haven;t ever accepted the Green Stations since they switched to the app.
Ipsos will still give very happy bonuses if they can't get a shop filled. I've done some for their very large governmental client for $100 and $150. However, when they acquired the GfK shopper base, those numbers largely vanished and I see the same visits going for $50 and less. I am guessing that, with the larger shopper base, they found somebody who was either located in the sticks already or who was willing to drive long distances for less than what I required.

Both Ipsos and Martiz have huge shopper bases. By combining them, though there will be some overlap, the resultant shopper base will be extraordinarily large which will make it more likely that they'll have somebody willing to do those visits in Timbuktu for less than what I can do them for. This is great for the MSC, but not so much for the shopper....

@jay225 wrote:

how are ipsos with bonuses compared to maritz?

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Doesn't matter much to me. I'm already dropping the one shop I used to do for Maritz because of the new reveal.

Same here. This doesn't really make that much difference to me personally. But I agree that so much merging of MS companies is bad for shoppers, (the pay is already less than it was when I first started in this field).
@jay225 wrote:

reading this made me nervous so i called maritz. one of the ladies on team 3 acted like it wasn’t a big deal, and nothing would be changing on their side. who knows.

Unfortunately, the ladies on team 3 will be the last to know.
The amount of (fearful) speculation here is amazing, but not surprising.

Might IPSOS terminate the in-house scheduling capability that it just purchased. Maybe. Maybe not. They will likely examine the software platform that was included in the deal and also the staff which they inherited. Will they move everything to Summit. Doubtful. Summit doesn't have the staff to handle it and I can't see them expanding so significantly.

Was IPSOS subcontracting work to Maritz. Maybe. But why would they? They are huge. Maritz is huge too. It dates to 1894, has over 4000 employees, and over $1 billion in annual income. MaritzzCX may have been subcontracting some work to IPSOS. But why would they?

Just wait and see what happens.
So if Ipsos has acquired Maritz Mystery business what exactly does that mean?I thought that Maritz would no longer be Maritz. I am fairly new at this so please explain.
Just because the shops show "pending validation" doesn't mean that they haven't been edited already.
Usually the receipt gets verified within the first 48 hours after you submit it, and then it gets edited within a few days after that, but they generally don't release shops immediately after editing. They aren't the only MSC that operates this way. When I was an editor for Ardent, they would have us hold shops for 6-7 days after submission before we were allowed to release them.

@Mousegal wrote:

I'm sitting here with 6 completed, unedited IPSOS shops right now...grrr)
So the company you can't contact (I'm not talking about schedulers since the most they can do is pass on a note to someone at the the main company) is taking over (or whatever) the company you can almost always get a hold of. Maybe this will be good, but I'm somewhat pessimistic. I enjoy working for both but they seem like very different MSC's.
@jay225 wrote:

how are ipsos with bonuses compared to maritz?
In my experience, except the shipping shops, bonuses are minimal.

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OMG, I just thought about something. What if ALL the gas stations go on Presto? ARGHHH. Well, all that activity might break it beyond repair. I can hope. I'm depressed.

Not everything goes to the Sassie side. Keep your fingers crossed. That being said, I gravitate to their Shop Metrics side anyway. That's just me.
@LIJake wrote:

@jay225 wrote:

reading this made me nervous so i called maritz. one of the ladies on team 3 acted like it wasn’t a big deal, and nothing would be changing on their side. who knows.

Unfortunately, the ladies on team 3 will be the last to know.

true... well, second to last. we’ll be the last. this blows
Yes As a result of this change, some shoppers might find better situations. Others may not. I make no predictions for me, but I hope that everyone can figure out something good for themselves.

@Relly wrote:

This is very interesting. There are definitely pros and cons for sure.

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I just found a couple of shops using Presto that were at the HS brands Sassie site. After applying I see they are shown as Ipsos shops. I guess HS is scheduling for Ipsos? Hard to follow the relationships between some MSC’s.
@Mrcleandpsyahoo.com wrote:

My favorite thing about Maritz is self assign. Wish Ipsos would implement this
I don't work for Ipsos. If they don't allow self-assign, how do you get jobs from them?
You apply from the job board and then the schedulers assign the shops to whomever they choose.
Any indication if KSS will still be doing scheduling for the old Maritz companies after the full switch?

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I'm crossing my fingers that the transition period will take a long time...my kiddo is a Junior in HS and in her second to last year of Girl Scouts so I just need to eke out 2 more GS Cookie Seasons worth of shipping shops to keep the out-of-town relatives happy and not cost me anything out of pocket. Since I was planning on leaving the IC world behind when she starts college since I won't need the flexibility quite so much and I won't be doing near as much driving (and eating up gas), I am hoping that the current gas station situation stays the same. The self-assigning and routes work really well for me with Maritz, not so well on the Presto setup. Plus, I have a long track record with Maritz so they are much likely to work with me than Ipsos who doesn't know me (and my record) quite so much. I am so hoping that I can just chug along with this gig, I'll have enough stress with the kiddo's Senior Year looming.
And for a different point of view....Good news to my ears that Ipsos, which is the only company that I work for that actually offers bonuses of more than a dollar or two to us big city dwellers, might have more shops for me. All the other companies just say urgent i need this shop done today or tomorrow with no extra money or else they offer a $1 bonus. As a late night person I also appreciate having an even playing field with those who awake at the crack of dawn and grab all the self assign jobs while I snooze.
I was honestly just thinking the same thing. I have lost so much money with the "green" shops just in the last year. Each quarter i would get at least 5-6 routes automatically offered to me, all with bonuses included,
and would easily make over $2000 a quarter, usually more. Then with the nighttime ones I easily made an extra $1500.
Now that they are assigned individually, I don't even make close to that. And now with this 24-48 to pick up and complete them, it's just making it harder and harder to make money.
I am really hoping they don't do that to the "red and blue" shops. I love my routes and love my schedulers.
I am so upset about this! Sorry for the long rant!
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