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I haven't gotten any emails about it in awhile, but usually ACL is looking for editors. You have to be a shopper with them for quite awhile first as they only hire from within their shopper pool. I used to be an editor for them.
Maybe try Summit Scheduling. They have irritating editors who really don't do much. They are more proofreaders than anything else and they try not to edit anything if possible (at least one of them is like that, anyway).

I did a shop where I had to enter some numbers from a receipt. The receipt was uploaded to the report. One of the numbers on the receipt was off by 1 digit. The editor returned the report to me to fix, stating, "The xxx number on your report was off by one digit and has been returned to you as incomplete for correction."

Really? Instead of fixing it (they editor was able to read the receipt with no problem), the editor took the time to email me and return the report as incomplete, when it would have been much faster to just fix it and shoot me an email reminding me to proofread better in the future.

I think Summit Scheduling needs new "editors".
Ha ha!!! I got one back because the tracking number was off by one digit. Probably the same editor.
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