Second to None picking up new eatery clients?

I did a few shops for this MSC in October/November but they have run pretty dry in my area the last few months so only check in on them occasionally. Last time I logged in, a survey popped up asking me whether I patronize certain restaurants ... I think they listed seven in all. Two of them I recognized as places I currently shop for Sinclair, a fast-casual Tex-Mex and a pretzel place. Another is an ice cream place whose current MSC I don't know, but they are prominent in my area and I've been known to go there. A fourth was a bakery/coffee place I don't go to but recognized. The other three I hadn't heard of.

Just wondering why STN is surveying on these places, at least two of which currently are with another company ... does anyone know if they're taking over these accounts? Or just thinking of competing for the accounts?

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No way to know, just do them and enjoy. I noticed they had a particular client for food I had enjoyed the in the past that was one and done, and then a sporting goods store that was not repeated. So you might be onto something. I do believe that often MSCs offer a "freebie" run to clients just to see if they can snag them. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. ACL does this and they let their very best shoppers know about it and only let the best shoppers have the opportunity for promo shops. I would think it to be helpful if a MSC did that for any new clients so their shoppers would put their best foot forward...yeah, shoppers should be doing that already, I know.
In my area, Second to None posted a dozen shops for restaurants including the ones you listed. I did the casual Tex-Mex and a smoothie shop. They were taken fast, luckily I can self-assign with them.
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