Mystery passengers

Are they are legit company? I came across them recently. I wanted to check here before registering because they ask for your passport number. TIA

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I've never head of them, but a lot of folks on here know more than me.... I just checked their website - they operate under the name "Travel Quality Alliance" and are not mentioned on the "Official List" on this forum. They do not tout "MSPA" membership, so they are not likely MSPA members. These are the documents they (may) require:
If your initial application is accepted, we will contact you to request additional documents. Based on your nationality and country of residence, this may include:

A scan of the photo page of your passport(s).
A scan of a recent police record from your country of nationality and/or country of residence.
Proof of address.
Proof of travel authorizations (e.g. ESTA, eTA, ETA, ETIAS…) or visas.
Your freelancer/company registration documents.
Tax identification documents.
Bank account information.

I can understand the need for much of this (though it seems a bit more invasive than normal), but the "bank account information" strikes me as odd. I would want to really check them out before sending them anything.

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If you do decide to sign up with them, I'd use a throwaway bank account. The passport thing at first seemed odd to me, but it's not required until they're ready to use you.

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If they are sending you across a border, they need to know that you have a current passport. Just my opinion, of course.

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I did a bit of Googling. The address shown on the website, 30 N. Gould St, Suite 7689
Sheridan, WY 82801, is a mail forwarding and co-working place. The FAQs indicate they have a presence in the EU - the phone number is located in Estonia. The company name on the site is Travel Quality Alliance LLC but I can't find a registered LLC by that name.

I found a really old Flyer Talk thread about a UK company called Mystery Passengers but it doesn't seem to be in business any longer.

For kicks, I might call the number US phone number just to see what happens.
I saw the mailing address in Wyoming, but did not investigate further. This set off a red flag for me.... There's nothing wrong with Wyoming, but I know a few scammers have used addresses there..... "Estonia" not give me a lot of comfort..... Their website looked okay, but unlike most companies that provide mystery shopping, did not seem to suggest they did much more... I did a search as well and found ZERO references to them outside of their website and (now) this forum. I do not get a good feeling at all about this one. I would avoid it like the plague until there is some real confirmation about their legitimacy. From what I can tell, this is a stinker.

Hard work builds character and homework is good for your soul.
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