Gapbuster also known as GBW late payments

I have sent more than 4 enquires about my late payment and the last enquiry I have said that I will contact the head office of the company that was shopped to let them know that the shoppers are not being reimbursed. This seemed to get a more promising reply

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When was your shop? I did one in Dec so according to their own payment terms I should receive my DD in a few days. Based upon their past performance I expect I will have to start the enquiries soon.

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They have a reputation for poor communication and late payments. Here, they have good bonuses. I have never not been paid and I don't chase payments. If timely payment and communication is essential, this is not your company.
Still waiting for payment for my December shop. I sent an "enquiry" five days ago and they have not even answered that. In the past, the "enquiries" were answered in a day or so.
January 29 I was paid for October. Still waiting for November which is in processing.
Payment has been generated and is awaiting validation from your banking provider."
LOL, my provider, yep, that's where the problem is. Crickets for December and January shops.
They are late but have been payed me everything and high bonuses included. I just put it in the late payment column. At least I did not have them forget to pay, as others do.
This has been going on for years. They should at least update their stated payment policy which is 6 weeks after the end of the month that the shop was completed.
They are not even replying to my enquiries about my payment for a December job. That’s a new low for them. Every time I get an email about doing a job, I respond with, “payment first”. I doubt those are even read.

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I am currently STILL waiting for a payment for September shops (2, with bonuses), and a November shop. So lame. Every month I ask, and every month they say they'll look into it. Ugh.
I have never had this experience before (in 10 years of shopping for dozens of companies) and it really smacks of lying and thievery.
Every time I get an email request to do a shop for them, I respond telling them I will not consider any new shop until I get paid for my December shop. Today I got four emails from them all saying the following:

"Good day.
Thank you for your prompt response. As per your query, we just receive the feedback that all the payment for month of December is in midst of processing. Therefore you should be able to receive the payment by end of March. Sorry for the inconvenience caused.
Thank you for your patience."

Even though they show an address in Australia, I believe they are actually located in Singapore or some other Southeast Asia country where English is not their first language.
Hi, I did a shop in November and still have not gotten paid. I never entered my banking information and I am not even sure if I want to. Do they pay via paypal. I still have not gotten a response.
Yes they pay via PayPal, eventually. I just got an answer that my December shop will be paid the end of March. Based on past experiences with them, I’m still not hopeful I will receive payment by then.
They called me to do one of their shops where you buy something at amazon and then have to review it. i asked when I would get reimbursed and the rep was unable to tell me. I told her I wasn't interested.
I did 3 jobs for them last year. The aggravation level of trying to figure out the payments (which they said had been sent, but hadn't), "proving" I hadn't received payments (over and over), and the stilted and sparse communication from their end was beyond frustrating.
I ended up contacting the Canadian office for the company they shop for near me, and whether that did the trick or it just happened to come together (sort of) at that same time, I'll never know. Anyway, they did pay me. They said they would send me a bonus for all I went through, but I never got that. The apology was nice, but doesn't pay my bills or make up for the torture of trying to get my money.
I have cancelled my account with them...never again!
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