I am try pass gas station test

i believe no one pass the gas station test I fell this test 40 time I am no dummy. I want take this test again because itʻs rigged up to not to pass I truly believe I pass this test I read whole test I know 100% i put all right answer.If did let me see if right wrong indicating it. Instead force me take the test over I like no which one I missed. I call off work 2 day in a row to pass this test i just fell 7 day in a row.

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Hi I'm Barbara what test are you taking for the gas station? I failed the audit test for the gas stations. I failed it twice and then got a note from ipsos and they passed me. Funny thing was the two questions they told me I failed I had actually given the right answer to twice. I am curious as to which one you are taking and to see if it is the same one I took. I took the daytime audit for the gas stations.
Many shoppers have had trouble passing this test. I think their advice is to e-mail the scheduler and let them help you pass the test.

And no, that's NOT cheating -- there was some kind of glitch or error in the test itself.
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