Looking for Dine Dining Mystery Companies

Anyone have any suggestions?
I'm looking to reimburse my dining out. I'm not necessarily looking to make money, but it would be nice. But to reimburse my meal would be great.

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If you want fine dining, I suggest you look into Coyle Hospitality: Top-notch restaurants and meals fully reimbursed. Just be aware that your reports will be dissertations. (You might get $300 reimbursed, but you'll spend several hours writing the report for it.) I'm sure others will chime in with suggestions... This is not my specific area of knowledge....

I see you are new to this forum. There are some things worth checking out:
* New Shoppers Area: You will find a ton of information about the world of mystery shopping here. Even if you've been shopping for a while, you will likely learn a few things.
* Official List of Mystery Shopping Companies (linked below): You want to find a few new MSC's? Take your pick. Some are huge. Some are very small. However, they are all legitimate.

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Also use the Search function at the top of the page and you will find many posts about fine dining with several companies mentioned.
Hadn't done a Coyle shop in a while but there was a restaurant I wanted to try so we did it last week. Doing 8 gas station audits and using the money to go to the restaurant on our own dime would have saved loads of time...

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One of my best meals ever was at the Ritz Carlton NY. I did a hotel shop there. I had a fabulous time.
A Closer Look has lots of dine in and take out restaurants, at least in the Northeast.
Wonderful restaurant shops at Coyle. Plan to spend HOURS the next day to complete the report. I am wondering if I will do another restaurant for them. Pambam has an interesting take on this. They might be right. But it will take more than 8 gas station audits to go to many of Coyle's restaurants.
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