BARE tax form? Do they issue?

Anyone get their BARE 1099? Might they not issue them for some loop hole reason? If anyone has, what was the method of delivery? I've scanned my emails to see if maybe it was electronic pickup like some other MSCs. Nothing in the mail either

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A 1099 for an IC is required only if the earnings is $600 or more. If the vendor files by paper, they need to send in their 1099 to IRS by Feb 28, if they do it electronically their deadline is Mar 31.

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Dang, thought maybe it was a larger issue and not just me. I'm definitely over the $600 mark, I'll give it a few more weeks then. How tough is it generally to get MScs to send another copy? Never had this pop up over the years.
Remember that you do not submit a copy of a 1099 with your return. You really don't need it if you have good records yourself from which to work. If you would feel more comfortable with it in hand, give them a call and they should be able to send you a copy.
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