Movie Measure 1099 for 2019

Has everyone gotten their 1099 for 2019 from Movie Measure? I contacted Rakesh and Accounting on 2/12 and have heard nothing back. I was under the impression that the IRS said the 1099s had to be mailed out by 1/31 and received by 2/15.

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Have not received mine yet and hoped it would have arrived by now. You cannot get through to them via telephone whatsoever. In the beginning they were much more responsive.
I emailed Rakesh and Accounting, again. I was told that the accountant has not done the 1099-MISCs yet. When I replied that a reputable accountant knows that the 1099s should have been done by the end of January and mailed out to be received by mid February, in compliance with the IRS, the reply was to tell me how much I had earned from Movie Measure in 2019 so I could get my taxes done. No reputable tax preparer will accept that in place of a 1099-MISC. I looked on the MM web site for a physical address, and I found none, in case I needed to snail mail them. This is frustrating.
Agree, cannot understand why any reputable business would not have their street address on their website as both Certified and Verites do and it is more business like to list it... But based on their area code, I think they are located in the Albany area...

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It's almost a month since I contact Movie Measure looking for my 1099-MISC. I still DON'T have it. They sent me an email with the total of what I earned for 2019 and they said to take that when I go to have my taxes done. Are they nuts? No reputable tax preparer will accept that instead of a 1099-MISC. Not sure why there seems to be a problem...
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