Presto gas shops held for days

I thought when they put the gas audits in the Presto app they were giving people only the 24-48 hours to do them? In my area, there are multiple shops that have been reserved for over a week now and not completed (they haven't dropped off the map). These are shops I could've done and had finished by now, but instead another user is holding them hostage and simply reclaiming them each time. Why are they not trying to prevent this? Giving a bad mark to those who let them drop off repeatedly etc.? Seems like a problem that's being overlooked and didn't exist when these were scheduled as before.

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They always do that. There is so many here, you can still get some. I’m more disappointed in how long editing is taking.
I'm disappointed on editing as well. I have 13 shops over 5 days old not looked at yet.
I emailed them but crickets. Just tell me...i don't need the money as much as i want to understand the process.
Not as many to pick from here, this person has taken the rest of them. I was waiting to claim mine until I had a day off from my "real" job to do them. I guess I will have to play dirty like them next time since there are no consequences to being a jerk.

As to editing time, only one of my submissions has taken over 48 hours to be edited. I do wonder what their logic is in how they choose to edit and approve, if they're going over the 5 days for some.
I'm having the same issue. There was some note I saw about marks against you for not completing shops but i don't see it happening. I expected issues because this system just lets anyone do them regardless of experience. I went to do one the other day that had come back and someone had done it but failed so I have to explain why I am there repeating the audit.
Yeah on both of the conference calls they said that it would automatically pay out after 5 days even if the editors do not get to the shops. Well this is not true. I did 10 shops on the 22nd and 13 on the 23rd, not one has been edited and didn't get paid for any of them. On Presto it says they pay on Mondays and Thursdays, so I am hoping I get paid on Monday then. They always harass us about getting the shops submitted right away, but it is crazy that the client allows the time it takes for them to get edited. Could you imagine if we did a shop and didn't submit for 5 days LOL. Overall this is one of my favorite projects, and I love IPSOS, but the adjustment to the Presto App is a headache for sure!
I have noticed the lag time in approval lessen in the last week. I do not mind performing these fill in shops because at the longest turn around in pay time for me so far is still sooner than anywhere else I work for. I simply do not rely on Presto money for my budget - it goes to savings.
It is the app i positively hate. For the meter reads, it jumps all the way to end, and as you are forced to scroll up you wind up opening the damn camera. And how many times do I press the back arrow instead of the check mark only to wind up all the way at the map? Arggh!
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