Invoice - dumb question?

How do I know if I'm supposed to send an invoice for a company or if it's automatic payment? Marketforce & Second To None I know are automatic. I have outstanding money to receive from Customer Impact, Intelli Shop, HS Brands, BARE and Coyle. I assumed I just waited for payment but I've seen posts about invoicing so now I'm confused!


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None of the Sassie companies you listed require you to submit an invoice and I don't think Coyle does either, but I haven't shopped for them in a long time, so not sure. The only ones that I know of that require it are Maritz, which is now part of IPSOS but still requires an invoice on Maritz site and Cirrus whom I don't work for. There maybe some others that I can't think of right now.

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Coyle requires invoices for the hotel assignments, but they are included in the instruction sets and there's a specific spot on the ShopMetrics form where you upload it's hard to miss. Most of the restaurants or simpler assignments will just automatically pay.
Every MSC for which I work that requires an invoice is very clear about it. They might include a template in their written guidelines, a link in a shop acceptance email (for MSC's that don't use a job board), or directions to click on a specific menu on your shopper interface.

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Remington Evaluations requires an invoice.

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Not a dumb question! You've clearly been reading through the forum to learn more and build your business. It can be confusing with so many different MSCs, their individual policies, platforms and expectations. You will be fine!

That must be a new thing. I have been with Customer Impact since 2005 and I have never invoiced them or requested that they automatically invoice for me.
My name is Daniel Price, COO of Customer Impact. I want to clarify quickly that Customer Impact does not require our shoppers to invoice us. We pay purely based off of the finalized work history on the "shopper log" page. The feature may be available to generate invoices on SASSIE, but we do not require it or use it at this point in time.

The pay window is correct. If anyone has any other questions, please don't hesitate to ask.

Daniel Price
Chief Operating Officer
Customer Impact, LLC
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