Arbitrary dismissal for "not unique Photos"

I have a problem with this policy of automatic dismissal's of "not unique photos". If you can develop a program to determine if a duplicate picture is uploaded then you can develop a program that prevents mystery shoppers from accidentally uploading the same picture.
We need to unify and protest against this policy of dismissing without having to prove that we did it or allowing us to edit and correct the problem.
In my case, Presto claims that I uploaded the same pump for both pump 1 and pump 3. I find it highly improbable that this could happen. Why? because I can't see the thumbnail to know which picture to upload. (of pumps) Therefore as I'm taking the pictures I add a label with the pump number at the end of the time-stamped name of the picture. With this, I can go directly to that pump picture and upload the correct picture immediately. Then I click the "view" tab in the Presto App and double-check it. Even if I did accidentally upload the same pump two times I don't think this is grounds for arbitrary dismissal. I think I should be allowed the opportunity to correct my mistake.
For those of us who audit gas stations on a regular basis, we need to unify and protest this practice as this is the only way we can affect change.
I do gas stations for multiple MSP's and IPSOS/Presto is the only one who does this insane practice. I think it is an unethical business practice and demonstrates how little they value our time and effort. Basically, it says "If you can't do it perfect the first time, screw you!". That is what I hear.
If you forget to upload a picture or answer a question you can not submit without an error message. So they need to take the time to develop a program that prevents submission for an "invalid photo" when you accidentally use the same picture twice.
Please respond if you agree with me by typing your mystery shopping forum public name.
Like this:
F and L TeleComm

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It has been crazy. Now when using the mobile site, it’s taking forever to go from screen to screen. The 400 I did for observa last year were flawless with that app and not one single one denied. It’s difficult to grasp the presto issues. I’m literally the only one doing them in my area.
See I have a real problem when it says that a repeat photo is being used in a case like yours "Presto claims that I uploaded the same pump for both pump 1 and pump 3." Now uploading a picture that is a repeat because a photo was forgotten, or because when they want a revision you do not have a unique photo is one thing, but if a photo is accidentally uploaded, that is a MISTAKE, which happens to all of us. I was explaining this to Karen, who is wonderful by the way, that if a photo is uploaded twice because of a "mistake" then we should have a chance to edit that picture, at least once. Especially when the app has as many problems as it does! That is the only time this has happened to me, when the app wouldn't work, so I had to add the pictures later, and I either added a pump picture twice, and in one case, I added the same vest picture to 2 reports. And depending on the editor you get, some will let you fix it, when others deny it right away. I have found that the appeal process works well.
I do have one report at the beginning of the quarter, that bothers the heck out of me, because the are saying the same photo was used for 2 infractions. I know this isn't true, because the pump only had one infraction, but the shop was already picked up by someone else, and I could just tell in the response I wasn't getting anywhere with it. I wish we could go back in and view the report, because I would love to see that photo used twice, because it was only taken once in my camera roll, and it left me with a lot of questions, and doubts. But as many as I have done I decided to just move on, suck it up, and complete some more. And after that I have been really careful making sure what picture are where, and my angles and backgrounds, so if it happens again I know I have a case!
The appeal process will work. Even if someone else picked it up. If you send them the picture they request they will approve the shop. Problem is the editorial process is so slow. My shops are still waiting to be edited. I just got paid for shops done on the 7th. and today is the 18th.
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