MF Fish Shop, drink question

Ok, Maybe I'm reading into this too much.
Anyone do these give a gold ticket jobs yet?

if the correct phase to offer a drink is used, is it ok to order? Or should I assume the drink is a part of the phrase in the guidelines to 'no order any additional items'?
The nuances of the guidelines are making me question the whole process of get/don't get a drink!
The guidelines also mention, 'do not order a drink yet!'.
So am i just waiting for the phrase and not ordering or ordering if the phrase is used?


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I first read the guidelines completely after the shop was assigned. I'm certain it said to order a drink if one had not been offered by the time they gave the total, but I was confused as to whether I should also order a side. When I reread the guidelines before heading out to do the shop the next day, I didn't even see it mentioned where I was to order the drink if it was not offered. I did the shop yesterday. The shop was accepted. The order taker did not use the exact words, but did offer the drink and side. You ARE to order the drink and side if offered. If not offered, I think you are supposed to still add a drink.

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@HoomanShopper: Did you do the drive-thru or dine-in? Sounds like the drive-thru based on your description of the order taker offering a drink and side (but not using the correct words)? Was the reimbursement amount able to cover your purchase? Also, given that the server didn't use the correct words, you did NOT reveal, right? So you didn't get the signature from the manager or get the visit verification slip filled out...?

I just read the guidelines again, and it DOES say to order a drink if it hasn't been suggested by the time your order is totaled.

I'm scheduled to do a dine-in dinner and have had questions for the Help Desk that have gone unanswered. I've tried emailing them several times, but have not received any response, which is really aggravating.

For the dinner shop, I have to order a Platter (and a drink, after waiting to see if one is suggested). Platters are almost $9 around here, and a drink is close to $2 I'm guessing. So I doubt the stated reimbursement ($10.65) will cover it. What's funny is that the reimbursement USED to be only $9, but now it is listed as $10.65. But my CPI still says that reimbursement is $9, even though the shop details say it is $10.65.

My CPI also says coupons CAN be used, but guidelines say NOT to use coupons. I wish it were more clear. I'd like to use a coupon to stay within reimbursement, but I don't want to invalidate the shop. Anyone have any thoughts? Thanks.
Yes, I did do the Drive thru. My order came to $9. That was for 2 of the 2/$6 items, a side and drink, and sales tax. I did not do the reveal, because the exact wording was not used. It was awkward going inside to evaluate the interior after going through the drive thru, but I just said I needed to wash my hands. I suppose I could have just ignored the counter people waiting for me to walk up, but just said I needed to wash my hands as they watched me walk to the restroom. I took a different route back to the door so that I could evaluate the rest of the interior and fountain area on my way out.

I was quite surprised to see that a second receipt was required before I could submit my report. After a few moments, I figured they must have meant the Verification Slip, but since I hadn't had it filled out (the guidelines clearly state the shop will be invalidated if you reveal and weren't supposed to), I just uploaded a second pic of the drive thru receipt. The shop was accepted.
Well, I ended up doing the dine in dinner tonight, and it went WAY over reimbursement, which really irritates me. Platters cost $9.49 here, and adding a small drink was another $1.99. So my total was $12.57 after tax. The server asked if I wanted a drink, but not with the exact I also did not do a reveal. Yeah, the 2 receipts required threw me off at first, but like you I figured the 2nd one was supposed to be for the verification slip. I also just uploaded a second photo of my receipt. Waiting to see if it will be approved, and hopefully I'll at least be reimbursed $10.65 instead of only $9. I've been really frustrated with MF and their lack of responding to Help Desk questions (at least for me) for the past few weeks.
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