Double checks received from MaritzCX shops

See the reply below on what to do if you have received duplicate checks from shops preform through the former MaritzCX site..

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Same thing here - two checks for the same amount with different check numbers. No idea who to contact. I can't believe this is one of the largest MSC's considering the lack of communication and the Presto confusion.
I didn't even know you could still get checks.


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Be sure to cash the check with the highest number the lower number checks (numbers ranging from 5290005 through 5290205) are being voided. In case you didn't get the e-mail that went out on 3/18. I agree that there have been a lot of mistakes since the change over from MaritzCX. Also, my bank always seems to look at these new checks like they are fake. I get a lot of questions from them everytime I try to cash one.
For now they are just sending the checks to those who either never signed up for direct deposit or didn't get a chance to sign up before the change over to IPSOS.
IPSOS does not do checks of a certain amounts because of Chase bank. Go to the web site of the company ( I assume it is MaritzCX) and see what shop you are being paid for. Last pay period I got three different checks because of the amounts and different gas stations shops contact Larry Loos, Senior Account Manager
The regular Maritz is direct deposit the 15th of the following month.

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So if I did a shop on February 25th I get paid March 15th or April 15th? Cuz I didn't get paid for it yet. I probably only do 2 shops a year for them.
They pay twice a month...15th and 30th.

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Okay, but if I did a shop on February 25th, when would they pay? March 15, March 30, or April 15? Does anyone know?
Anything completed and invoiced by the end of the month should be paid by the 15th of the following month. So, in your case March 15th. The Maritz site does still require you to submit an invoice for payment. Did you remember to fill out the invoice for the shop completed?
They are good people and should be able to tell you more. Have your visit number ready and when you call be sure to press 9 for "Invoice or Payment Questions". They are usually really busy so if your call gets bounced to a different department, just keep trying. I had to do this when I received the double checks last week. If you are signed up for direct deposit, they will pay you that way.

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Yeah, I have been with them since 2002, I just haven't done many shops for them over the past few years so I forgot the payment schedule (I am signed up with about 100 companies, hard to keep track sometimes). I only did this car dealership shop because it was highly bonused and already well-paying ($50) without the additional $20.
You have me beat there, I have been with them since 2004. Great people and I don't regret a moment of it.
I have their phone number memorized, LOL. Back in the early 2000s I did a LOT of shops for them. When I started, they mailed paperwork and supplies for our shops to us, do you remember that? I can't remember when that changed.
Yes, I know the number without thinking about too. I have always done mostly gas station audits for them. Back then they would mail us our book, safety vest, name tag, and anything else we needed. These was also a restaurant shop where you would give out prizes if everything went alright. They would mail those to us also. I use to have to mail back paperwork back to them at the end of each week for one of the gas stations.

Everything is either online or on Smart Phones now. The last set of materials I remember getting from them was back in 2016 I believe. Since then, its been all online and download the materials. Its been a long time, but fun.
That does not matter because as of yesterday they are no longer a separate entity.


They still don't like email, that much has not changed.
Hopefully IPSOS will empower the old maritz people to be able to use email. It had gotten slightly better with maritz and technology.

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