MarketForce in Coronavirus times

I have two shops appearing in my busy city. Looks like they are suspending shops? Or is it just me?

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I see two restaurant shops in April. There were at least 30 yesterday. I think they finally figured out what is going on.
I signed on this morning and got the message "There are no new shops available for you at this time." There weren't many yesterday, so maybe they're dialing it way back.
I cancelled my last shop scheduled for Thursday. They are offering on line ordering and curbside pickup only. The MSC wants me to perform the shop and report. It was a dine in for reimbursement only, so that is a hard no. Amazing how some MSCs are sending emails notifying us of cancellations, health concerns, etc. Others just want us to do the shop anyway...for free!
Nope not just you. There are 2 shops on the board where I am too. Yesterday there were 88, all but the 2 that are left had disappeared yesterday by late afternoon. (When I noticed the situation). Crazy thing is the 2 that are left are at the airport. Get it together Market Force. Not only are restaurants suppose to be carry out/drive thru, pick-up only as of Midnight last night, but the airport is the very worst place to send shoppers at the moment.

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There are the usual amount of shops in my area and I am getting calls all day long.

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They have a couple dine-in fast casual shops in the Seattle area that pay well, but you can't dine in. Take out and delivery only. No sign of now quarterly gas stations for April either, as this is about the date they would be posted in advance.

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All mine are cancelled but the coffee shops. I believe the locations will only have" to go" service so I don’t know how I can remain on site for the required observations. Also the question about whether the cashier asks if the order is for here or to go will be interesting.

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I can't believe that I just got a call from them to do a shop that cannot be performed as it is supposed to in my state right now. I'd blame the client on that, though, they should know where certain shops cannot be executed, and tell MF to cancel them.
I got an email last night that my fast casual was cancelled. There are none on the board in my area. They have heavily bonused the drive-in/drive-thru and still have a chicken place dine-in but only the drive-thru is open. I almost want to take it just to get the $3!
Zero shops available right now, but there are usually no more than a dozen available at any time.

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Marketforce is just one source of income to me right now. In fact, I'm probably averaging less than $100 a month with them the last 6 months.

I have written the helpdesk, as I have a shop scheduled for tomorrow. I only asked if shoppers are being penalized for cancelling. It was a route, and every other shop on the route has been cancelled by the clients and MSCs, except for this one shop.

I cannot risk being totally deactivated. I also think it's a crummy thing right now to penalize any shopper for cancelling a shop.
@sestrahelena wrote:

It took me waaaay too long to get that, even after reading the whole article!

To be honest, I wasn't sure if @JASFLALMT was being sarcastic, but just quickly jumped on the joke and didn't take time to find the right article. This one would have been more appropriate if you look at the original date, but then you have to dig further into the article than the headline to really get it.:


There was a press conference a week or 2 ago where the president said something to the effect of, "Nobody could have predicted this!"
While I did not cancel the shop,I did receive a nice e-mail from the helpdesk that they cancelled it for me, and reassured me the cancellation would not be held against me in any way.
Directly from the site dated March 12
Coronavirus Advisory!
March 12, 2020
Further to advice issued, Market Force would like to draw your attention to the government guidelines in relation to the Coronavirus. Please see their website links for details and updates: []

We encourage you to practice good hygiene throughout the day using handwash and sanitizer as appropriate.

In addition, if you have carried out an assignment on behalf of Market Force in recent weeks and believe you are at risk of infection, please let us know at detailing the date the assignment was carried out and to where.

Many thanks,

The Market Force team
April 2nd I just checked the MFI site and there are 2 shops for the rest of the month On 3-30 there were approx 80 shops. I guess the shelter in place order and the fact that just about everything is closed till May put the kibosh on the shopping again. But I have the feeling that we will not start to get back to normal until July or August we have done too little too late to stop it in its tracks.
There are no shops listed on my board in Central Ga. I checked my daughter's city since South Dakota doesn't have a stay at home order and there are no shops listed there either.
Personally, I think part of the problem is the anticipated 2nd wave expected to come in the fall. Just as Dr. F and Dr. B have said the permanent solution will be the vaccine. Another issue we don't know is how long the antibodies stay in our bodies. Some vaccines seem to be permanent, but others aren't, for example, tetanus only lasts for 10 years. I can't do just any job because of my disability so I hope it comes back even just partially when the time comes. But personally, I don't want to go back to work until the stores replenish supplies of hand sanitizer and Clorox clean up wipes.
Normally, it takes a good two years for a full economic recovery, The time frame for this particular recovery is especially contingent upon the 2nd wave of the virus in the winter to come.
There are a variety of shops in my area, less than 10. The burger and grocery shops haven't surfaced.

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I was greedy and made an offer on a drive through chicken fingers shop last week ($2 over posted fee). They didn't accept my offer, and then the shop was gone. It would have been nice to have one reimbursed meal this month.

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They have been calling me which I think is rude right now. I guess it's good that the overseas schedulers still have jobs but I won't even answer the calls. Why waste my time and theirs?
Did a fast food shop for them today. Then checked the board and it was completely blank for 100 miles. Made me sad.
They still have the movie shops up but I do not have a teenager and the Governor closed them down as nonessential. A motorcycle shop and an ATV shop and I found 16 burger shops that are not listed on the Sassie Jobsite board.
Four hundred shops showing up in my area today for May, all fast food drive-through and take-out.
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