Did Market Force eliminate the jobs I signed up for?

I had some early April assignments I had assigned to me but they are now gone from the Website? Anyone else?

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All sorts of shops are being cancelled by clients due to COVID-19, including most of what MarketForce usually offers.

Hard work builds character and homework is good for your soul.
I was able to sign up for a hardware phone shop with MF. So I'll be able to do that, at least.
Mine were cancelled and I was sent a cancellation notification. This was my only source of income because I lost my job last month.
Check your shop log right before you go out to do your shop, so you can be sure it is still there. I had a couple shops for eom cancelled. I would not be surprised if MF cancels all shops for March.
Since I don't eat red meat and rarely do $10 shops, MF's shop cancelling had almost no effect on me.
You don't have to get a burger for those shops, AZ. You can get grilled cheese or veggie sandwiches.
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