intellishop March 20th payment

Did anyone else not get paid today like we usually do on the 20th? I looked back over the past months that had 20th on a Friday and we received payments like normal. I am just curious if I was missed or if they are late on their payments.

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Nope, I agree it is upsetting because now we wont get it before Monday. With all of the chaos going on right now I was really counting on that check.
I did not. Their stated date is the 20th of each month - unless it falls on a holiday or weekend. Last month, they paid on the 20th. In January, they paid on the 21st as the 20th was a holiday. I agree that payments should have hit today and the company usually pays like clockwork.

I see no announcements on my shopper page. I'm not ready to get upset as things are chaotic around the country right now and they are only a day late right now.

Hard work builds character and homework is good for your soul.
Like you said they usually pay like clockwork. I just would have liked an update to keep us in the loop if it was not going to happen. Usually I dont bank on a check from mystery shopping, but of course this month I did. Guess I burned myself.
I have been paid as late as the 22nd before. The Shop Log lists payments as PAYMENT PENDING.
@my1958vw wrote:

Waiting on 7k ... ya, annoyed...
7k! Dang! You da man.... or woman... I bow down..
It hit my PayPal about two minutes ago.. (10:00 AM)

Hard work builds character and homework is good for your soul.
EDIT — just got paid my 1k this morning. They probably are just overworked smiling smiley

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Just got paid for all my Feb shops as well. Might want to give these companies an extra day or two during a crisis.
Yup, paid at 10:00 AM today.

Hard work builds character and homework is good for your soul.
@my1958vw wrote:

Yep, just got my dinero... to student loans it goes!
Pour yourself a drink now & delete the 440 emails !
(You’d think they could figure out a way to send one per month, not one per job.)
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