Any bets on whether Market Force will meet payroll this month ..............?

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@catlassy wrote:

I'm betting they might be late paying- or worse.

"Five will get you ten."
I was paid a week ago. for March shops Ten years I've worked with them and I've been paid every month.
Yeah, I have been with them for nearly 20 years (since they were Shop-n-Chek). Years ago we regularly got paid early. That was fine but not necessary. Now we get paid around the time of the stated pay date. That's fine. If it's a few days later then when they said, that's fine too.

Bottom line is I always got paid by MF. There are plenty of companies out there that pay a few weeks later than they say. As long as I get paid within 2-3 weeks of what they say, I am alright with that.
@Kirleecoatdevon wrote:

I’m not expecting payment...learned my lesson from this company!!!

They're normally very good with payments. Non payment is usually because the shop wasn't done correctly. If you had an issue did you contact them to get it figured out?
My 2 cents is why can't people wait a bit. How many have tried the Presidents Darwin challenge yet?
Marketforce headquarters are in Georgia. In my state (OH) there are no shops. I wouldn't do them if there were, most likely. Have no idea about Cali, but guessing no. For now.
No, MF is not closed in CA. However, the shops have been basically limited to a burger joint and a chicken shack, and only a precious few of those have been available on a rare occurrence. I have seen them posted and remain available for about a week or so. No one appears to he in a hurry to visit restaurant even if it is drive-thru.
Why are you interested to know if MF will make payroll? Are you an employee rather than an IC?

As an IC, we worry if our customers - such as MF - will pay its bills. I suppose if one of our customers fails to pay its own employees, then it is probable that they won't pay their creditors such as ICs.
I do not understand why people worry so much about this. If they pay they pay if they are late they still pay you. If they do not pay you because they have gone under guess what even companies that you have been hired and are paying into Social Security and Medicare can under and wind up not paying you. I have been through it three times in the last 40 years. Get over it and move on. Yes, you will be ticked off but that is normal. But do not whine too much because people get tired of hearing about it.

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Oh, and I have never not been paid by these guys in the last five years of working for them. So quit your complaining. The payouts may not be as good as they used to be but no one makes you work for them.
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