Anyone paid from Bare yet?

I had an email Monday saying a direct deposit was coming, but nothing in my account so far. I need that $. Anybody get paid from bare this month?

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Yes I see it in my credit union as pending. From past payments it generally takes about three days from getting the email to actually receiving the DD.
I actually contacted them since I got the email on the 14th. Payments were posted on the 17th. I did receive mine. Hope you did too!
I don't know if Informa and Bare use the same payment system, or how they are related but the jobs I do for Informa replaced what was previously offered through Bare... Anyhow, I received payment for just 2 of 5 shops done in the same week and the scheduler had to put through a request for payment due to a "system glitch" she said. Very irritating though, there is never an apology and this is $90 in payment for shops done first week of March. I hate taking time to chase up payments that should be accurate and automatic.
That did not make sense to me and I wrote it. Must have been after a pot brownie.

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