Has anyone ever won a Amazon Giftcard?

There’s a couple of mystery shopping companies offering the chance at a giftcard if you complete their “short” surveys. Have anyone actually won one of these?

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I didn't win a gift card, but I did win a $25 (I think, it might have been $50) cash "bonus" one month for CoRI. This was years and years ago, but sure was nice!
Glad to hear someone on the Forum has won something, Flash! I've done multiple surveys in the past month alone, especially from Trendsource. Haven't heard anything yet!! I did win $5 from Field Agent one day a couple of weeks ago as part of their 20th "Birthday Bash", so that was neat!!
I think the key word here is "anything". About 5 years ago I got a $5 Amazon gift card from MF after having done a bunch of their unpaid surveys. I haven't bothered with their freebies since then.
I received a gift card from my broker after recently selling my house, and still don't belong, as I was unable to collect it. I see many survey's offering their gift card, but don't participate, guess I am not interested in Amazon at this point.

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I won a $5 gift card from MarketForce for doing a survey.
I won a free round trip ticket to Florida from KSS about 15 years ago for writing an essay for Mother's Day.
I won $618 from KS103 in San Diego in 1986 for identifying a celebrity voice clip on the radio. That was a lot of money in 1986.
I won $2000 from MTV in a contest.
My husband won a Ford Expedition from Ford Motor Company.

Those are some of the good ones. I win a lot of loot at charity events where you buy raffle tickets.
Glad to hear people have actually won! Guess I’ll keep doing surveys, well at least the ones that don’t take up too much time..
I have won the $25 gift card but it was so many years ago I don't remember the MSC. I did win a $150 Amazon gift card from Consumer's Reports last month. A review that I wrote on an airline was chosen and will be published next month. That gift card was really nice at this time.
Ha ha ha, no. I've never won anything, except for Publishers Clearing House when I was a kid. They sent me a check for a quarter. I cashed it. Hey, I was a kid.
I won somewhere from $20 to $50 with ISC 3 to 5 years ago. It was a raffle entered for completing shops in addition to what you made on the shop.

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WELL! WELL! WELL! Guess what???? I actually WON one of the $15 Amazon Gift Cards from IPSOS just for updating my shopper profile!!!! Remember a couple of weeks (or less) ago when we got the email to update our profiles and be entered for a chance to win one of the gift cards??? Well, I got the email about an hour ago!! WOO-HOO!!! I NEVER WIN anything!!! Just wanted to share!! Guess I'll keep doing those surveys and stuff, too!
Many years ago, I got a $500 check from some survey company but that is all I ever won from a company.
There was a recent thread here (which I can't seem to find any longer) asking whether anyone had ever actually won one of the gift cards offered in exchange for your survey participation.

There were several responses, most concluded that they had never won any of the gift cards offered.

So I'll ask again, have you ever received a gift card for completing a survey?
@BarefootBliss wrote:

So I'll ask again, have you ever received a gift card for completing a survey?
Not yet, but I did win for updating my IPSOS profile info, as mentioned above. So I keep filling out all those Trendsource surveys....hoping....but then again I send in all those PCH sweepstatekes envelopes, too, haha!!
I used to do surveys for a company that I don't remember. I used to get $20 Amex cards for 10 surveys. I still get $3 Amazon gift cards for Pinecone Research surveys. Like the MS forum, I used to participate in a survey forum. I won twice ($5 and $10) in a random draw.
I did win a $100 Amazon gift card a couple of years ago for reviewing a local restaurant on a cooking site. I subscribe to a site called education.com for my daughter. I have received $200 in Amazon gift cards for reviewing them and doing a feedback survey. Lowes used to have a user panel for reviewing their products. My husband won about $500 total doing various product testings for faucets and paints.
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