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Does anyone know how to get a hold of Merc Systems? I have a January invoice that should have been paid in March and I still have not received payment. I have looked on their website and cannot find a way to contact them to check on this. Thanks.

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Is it through the Sassie or Shopmetrics platform? Pretty sure that their offices are closed, but I have an email I can give you for Shopmetrics. I got my payments for restaurant shops I did through their Shopmetrics platform.
I meant the website does not show a way to contact them. If you have an email that you can provide, that would be great. Thanks.
I am not able to get a response from Merc, relating to a simple payment question.

Is anyone here from Merc or have a contact at Merc that I can reach out to? Thanks
I completed both my first and last assignment for this MSC in Aug. of 2007; at that time, the website stated payment was net 45. I finally received my money net 100 or 101, but only after several broken promises to pay me. In addition, it was impossible to place the required orders without dipping into my pocket for $8 and change. After receiving a check. I deactivated my account, only to receive an E-letter two years later with an offer of work; I did not consider a resumption of our association.
I enjoy working with Merc. I know times are really weird now, but I haven't had any payment issues.
I've been trying to resolve a payment issue for the past month but have received no responses to my emails to their address. Does anyone have any other contact info? Thanks in advance.
So, now here is the thing and it ticks me off. I have been trying to reach them about a non payment issue for several weeks - with no response to either the email address given or the one shared with me privately. I understand that times are unusual, so I have expected some delay in responding - BUT....BUT
last night they sent me a survey request with a chance to win a gift card. So obviously, they are still in business and can respond - they just choose to not respond.
This is the kind of thing that turns me off to shopping with them if or when life ever gets back to normal.
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