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Hey! Hope everybody is doing well during this crazy time. Now that some states are opening, does anyone know if the shipping shops at Ipsos are coming back?

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I haven't seen any in my neck of the woods yet (SC). I had that exact same thought as I drove by one of my nearby locations just a little while ago. ~Sigh~ I hope they do come back!

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They still have the contact. The plan was to start back up May 1 but that didn't happen due to most of the country being shut down. I would expect to see something between June 1 and July 1.
I am waiting for that as one of the first shops where I will feel safer than for others. I did have to mail something last month and really hated having to pay for it out of pocket!
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The organization that is being shopped is struggling financially. This is despite so many of us surviving by receiving packages of non perishable foods, toilet paper, and medicines delivered by them. They may or may not bring their shops back right away. If they did there may be new restrictions--like recipient addresses only in specific zones, or requiring packages to be only sent to food banks.

Maybe they will get their own covid bailout.
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