I have never used the Presto site until this ShopSafe project came up so I have a question. There are about 25 ShopSafe shops listed. They all say requested, check back. Some say later but some say soon. Is there any difference? Can a shop be extended one the time limit is past? What I mean is can one person have these requested and keep extending them?
If not when do they become available again. Do they immediately come up once the deadline is up or are they all released at the same time. Do I need tho keep checking back every hour of so? or should I be checking every morning? Every night? I'm just trying to know how this works.

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After you open the shop, you have 3 minutes to claim it. I have opened a number of them to check to see which store it was, and those were available immediately after the 3 minutes expired. Once you claim a shop, you have 12 hours to do it. I would believe those would be available immediately when someone does not do it in that time period. I wake up early for my full time job, and I have claimed many of these jobs at 4 am.
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