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Did anyone get the email yesterday about payment? Does that mean it will be delayed because their clients aren't paying?

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I received and read the same email. t thought it could have been worded much better. But reading between the lines, in part, it was obvious to me there is a "cash flow problem" on top of the shutdown. I've always had a great relationship with SR, so I am willing to wait a reasonable time for payment, particularly given these unusual circumstances.
I didn't receive the email, and I've done some grocery shops for them this month once they started doing them again. Would it be possible for you to copy/paste that email here and share with myself and others? Thank you.
Here's the letter:

May 27, 2020
Dear Independent Contractor,
Thank you for reaching out to us regarding when your compensation will be mailed. As you can imagine, because of the current situation with the virus, not only has it affected SRI’s business/cash flow but all our client’s business/cashflow as well. We have no idea how long the Pandemic is going to last but it certainly appears, it will not be short term. However, with that being said SRI, is making every effort to mail your checks some time next week. As always, an email notification will be sent you once the checks hit the post office.
John DeLuca
Karen Register
I think that it is a huge "red flag" when MSCs can allude to their clients' cash flow issues as rationale for not paying their shoppers on a timely basis. Their insinuation is that they do not have the resources--absent clients' prompt payments--to pay their shoppers. Many--not just in the MS world--are likely finding the coronavirus situation to be a very convenient way of shirking their responsibilities.
Although I have been contracted with SR for in excess of 12 years, having completed just shy of 600 shops, I do not recall ever being paid late. Below is my "report" on the notice sent by John DeLuca.

The letter in question is concise and candid. It covers such areas as what has occurred, SR's expectation as to payment and the unknowable state of the future. I have never heard of John, but have communicated with Karen; my compliments on both the brevity and skill of composition. As for me, I neither directly read nor was there a hint of any cash flow problems that would prevent me from continuing our relationship once work is available in my area.
Do they ever bonus? I see the same gas stations all the time and fees never increase but they get done, I guess. Do they entertain offers? I would love to do some but not at the small fee they post. Thanks.

I have never seen them bonused. I do the real estate shops when they are near a bonused shop I have planned.

"There's so much trouble in this world; surrounded by miracles" - Citizen Cope

My relationship with SR is approx. 12 years old. They do bonus, but as with all companies, only when necessary. As to offers, they have a toll free line, why not call? Personally, I would much rather hear NO on dozens of occasions, than wonder "what if" once.
@sestrahelena wrote:

Do they ever bonus? I see the same gas stations all the time and fees never increase but they get done, I guess. Do they entertain offers? I would love to do some but not at the small fee they post. Thanks.

Hi Helena!

There are a couple of clients that never get bonuses, since those are ones that do not require 100% (high 90's though). However, there are some that I might be able to work with you on, if they are ones that are due for sure by the end of this month.

What town were you looking at? I will be happy to pull up the history to see if we have any wiggle room. I just started scheduling for Strategic Reflections a few weeks ago, but rest assured, I have been a scheduler for over 15 years and spent several years as a mystery shopper as well, so I totally get where everyone is coming from. I can also vouch for Strategic Reflections that they definitely make sure to pay the independent contractors, even though it was delayed, as shown in the prior statements above.

I have to say, I LOVE the evaluation forms with them, because they are not overly burdensome, and for most opportunities (not all), the only picture needed is the receipt.

You can email me at: as well.


Susie Ogle
Thanks for the info Susie! I will keep this in mind. Right now, locations where I will be are done for this week but I had driven past a few in the boonies last week which made me wonder.
The other jobs I was doing were bonused so there seems to be a shortage of shoppers willing to go there. And thank you for your presence on the forum!


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Sestrahelena - Sounds good to me! Feel free to shoot me an email when you find yourself in that situation, and I will be happy to look up the history to let you know. You never know with the boonie type of locations. One of us will always answer the phone when the office is open, Monday - Thursday, 9am - 5pm. I DO try to check on my email periodically on weekends and Fridays as well, just in case something like that pops up (and to avoid falling drastically behind by that Monday morning, lol!).


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