Preston gas shops For $16??

Is anyone doing these?? They take quite awhile, it’s hot, and it’s risk taking.

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They always say sorry we have enough of these done and we do not need anymore. I don't know if they do a rotation or not.
They are $25 in this area. I'm not biting.

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It really isn't even $16. It's $6 plus "up to $10 reimbursement" -- but the reimbursement is for two gallons of gas, which total currently is less than $4, and $1 or so for the required indoor purchase. More like $11, which is even more ridiculous.
I have had tons of problems with the app. I complete a shop and the pictures are all sideways,or part disappear when ready to submit. The last problem states when I hit I am done it comes back and says I have submitted the same picture twice but I have not as I am taking pictures while standing at the site. I am waiting on two jobs and if either comes back with a problem I am finished. I have done these for years and never had the issues that I am having this time.

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@ctalbert, I'm sorry you're having issues with the app! We know about the issue with the photo rotations, and are working on a fix, but that second issue you mentioned is news. If you wanted to shoot us a note at and give us some details, I'd be happy to look into it for you. Thanks!
Same thing as last time. I did hundreds it’s a lot of work for all those issues, very hot, and a pandemic
TOTALLY CONFUSED !!! The Presto app rules ! The shops are fairly simple and pay very fast. There are car counting and meter readings. Both are very easy. The only issue with the meter ones, is they want you to be "under cover". I have done about 10 meter shops. I have not been approached by any associates (yet !!!) Doing the GREEN company through the app too ! Quick payments also.
I'm holding off on the green shops until they pay more. It's to hot and the risk is to high for a $16 fee with no reimbursement. It's also frustrating that you can't even negotiate for travel, because of the Presto app.
The risk is really high with these shops. The editors come back with random things like the skirt is dirty which when I look at the picture doesn't appear to be more than the 15 percent of the surface the guidelines state. I take tons of extra pictures and then the shop is still rejected. The editors are really big on finding things wrong with the report. Very frustrating.
Well I have done four. I had to resize and redo two because pictures loaded sideways and the editor sent back because there was supposedly a new button added where I could rotate the pictures. Presto support said that wasn't true and only the editor had the button. One was rejected because the editor said there was 3rd party POP on a bollard. I could not see any. Sooo. I am not going to do any more at the current rate. Too many problems with everything. I spent hours for hopefully three approved shops. I am a seasoned shopper, and I would be surprised if new shoppers were successful with these. I really miss the Maritz app.
The scheduler said that it takes less than 10 that true? Right now one of them is $30 (which still seems a little low to get me out of the house but jobs are scarce right now)

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You need pictures of each pump and pictures of any issues with the pumps plus regular photos of store front, overall site, canopy, I'd sign, counter and any non-compliance issues. Then if the app or web version is wonky as it was with me, that is extra time. And don't forget you mystery shop, then go back and reveal, then go back out and get gas and then park before you begin the real work. 10 minutes maybe for the mystery shop and reveal if you have to wait in line at all. Mine take about an hour because the condition of everything is not the best, and every report is questioned so I take lots of extra pictures.
@chiffon cupcakes these audits take about 30 minutes if you have experience. It also depends on the size of the station. Could take almost an hour sometimes with traffic and other issues.I did 3 today average time was 35-40 minutes. The more issues the station has the longer it takes. Also with covid 19 the lines are taking much longer to do the mystery shop part.

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