Shadow Shoppers vs. Other Companies

Check out all of them and go into the Company's site and fill out the forms and just keep looking and applying for shops.

Other sites also have lists of Companies for shoppers too.

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I use Shadow Shopper. It is a great way to get started. When I started two years ago, you could sign up for a trial membership with Shadow Shopper for a few dollars. I found that the membership payed for itself Many times over, especially if you are just starting out. They email about 30-40 shops a day that ms companies are looking to get filled. You follow the directions from Shadow shopper to apply for the mystery shop jobs.

If you don't want to pay ANY money to start, try the lists of companies on the volition web site. You can register for free with all the different companies. Then check the individual companies' job boards for possible shops you would like to apply for.

Some companies use a self assign system, like ShopNCheck, where you assign yourself to shops you are willing to complete.
Dear Sir or Madom:
Please tell me what I have to do to get work, Iam very much interested in doing this kind of work. I would be willing to work any where in the Raleigh or Durham area,or where I may be needed. Ive been trying to contact you for some time now.
I hope you can help me.
Yours turly Roosevelt Quick
I used Shadow Shopper to get started as a shopper in 2006. Started for $5 trial. Got plenty of work for that month. Kept them for about 2 years, then had all the contacts I needed. It was a great way for me to start. I considered the subscription fee like a newspaper classified. Used as long as I needed.
$99 was not worth it... jobslinger is so much better and basically has the same companies...

shopping north west PA and south west ny
I guess it is individual preference. I find jobslinger to be all but worthless but am getting good work from Shadow Shopper. I signed up for 3 months for under $20. I'm not sure if I will renew or not as I have already gotten a lot of work from there and they are ongoing assignments. The first one more than paid the fee. I have not gotten any work from Jobslinger.
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