Marketforce gas station audits-worth it?

Mystery shops are far and few between right now in my area (probably in most areas). There are a ton of gas station audits on marketforce. I have completed the non audits before but never an audit. Does anyone have details of what is required to complete this shop?

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It is (in my area) "a mystery shop followed by an announced audit". I did two of them this week. They require 7 (or 9, if there is alternative fuel available) photos of the exterior and additional pictures when there are "issues". The questionnaire is somewhat long (24 pages) but after doing a couple they are easier than some other gas station audits I have been doing for years. In my area these shops come with an "incentive", the scheduler I talked to told me that he could not give me more than $25 at this time but as I was very close to one location and live about 3 minutes from the other the pay was ok. One thing to keep in mind is that the company expects the audit to take at least 30 minutes. As we have to look at many different details all over the store and forecourt that is not too difficult to do. Another perk might be that they reimburse up to $10 for gas and the in-store purchase (we have to buy at least $3 of gas). I have not "tested" that new limit as I have "too many" shops with gasoline purchase and don't really need to buy the goods from convenience stores. I am sure for some shoppers the reimbursement makes these shops more interesting.
Ditto what you said. I also did too this weekend. I was really surprised at how much easier they were than some of the other brand gas shops I do. Does anyone know if they are shopped monthly?
Appreciate the observations and would like to hear more. I am generally audit-averse but there are still several of these in my area and they have become heavily bonused in the last few days so I'm tempted. Plus I am at just over a quarter tank of gas so wouldn't mind using the $10 reimbursement as a coupon, this chain's prices are competitive with other gas chains in my area.
I love them. I do as many as I can. I scheduled them by area. Each day a different area. I made over a $1000 on them alone last month
I understand from "something" in the questionnaire that the audits are quarterly but I THINK the mystery shops might be monthly. Then again, Covid-19 has changed so many things...
I think they are super easy. I have done $1000 this month - they pay more with less work then ipsos and the site works.
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