ALTA 360 Unresponsive

Anyone know if Alta 360 is still in business? They owe me from a shop done on 2/29 via gigspot. Stephanie Light at Alta 360 said the check was "lost in the mail" and that it would be re-sent over two weeks ago. No paypal payment either, and Alta 360 has that address. Gigspot still shows this shop on a pay statement. I just counted and now I have emailed Alta 360 13 times on this issue! Anyone have any advice?

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I have contacted them, either by phone or email....13 times now. I have been promised by Stephanie Light that my check for work done on 2/29/2020 will be paid, and was "lost in the mail." She said the check would be resent over two weeks ago. I also gave her my paypal address. No payment has been made yet, no check received, blah, blah, blah...and no one at ALTA 360, including Stephanie LIght, is returning an email now. Any advice from anyone?
haven't they switched to paypal? Maybe you can ask them to pay you via paypal instead. If they pay you that way you can avoid the whole "lost in the mail" delay
Did that.

Update 8/8/2020. Eureka!!!..Got a check in the mail call, no email, crickets as far as communication goes...but I did get the I guess it pays (at an absurdly low rate of less than $2 an hour) to bulldog the shopping company for payment!

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I find that when I am chasing payments that I often don't get replies, but the payment shows up.
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