ICU Associates still in business?

Is ICU Associates still in business? I went to check and can’t access their site. Thanks!

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I was able to log in. I haven't done work for them in years. I see no jobs listed though.
The only shop I ever do for them is an educational-type toy store. I think they had some age-specific shops since it always shows shops available in many cities but it doesn't show any of them to me. But I don't currently see any shops available.
I was able to log in too. Did not see shops. The only type of toy store I have shopped for them are adult-type.
I am able to log in to their overall website but I cannot get to the Prophet Shopper area. Most recently, they had only the kids toy store. They used to have a lot of mall and outlet mall stores. I had seen only the toy store the last two years.
Well I don't do a ton the prophet site still there just checked and logged in. In the last few years I did the kids toy store, several of the candle store shop they have, a clothes retailer and a leather goods store that has recently declared bankruptcy and is going out of business. My last shop was in Dec of last year for them. Currently not seeing any shops in my state nor any of the big states. They have not come back yet it appears.

Shopping Western NY, Northeast and Central PA, and parts of Ohio and West Virginia. Have car will travel anywhere if the monies right.
There are no shops in my area.

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