Best Buy Audits back - Lower Pay

So the news is they are adding the Safety portion into the Regular long audit and taking out the Functionality section.....somehow they think this is going to make the audits shorter and easier so they are lowering the regular audit pay. Those of us who have done enough of these to make them somewhat profitable given the distance we have to drive to do multiple locations, are no longer going to find value in completing them. The new people that have been recruited and have been doing the Easy Safety Audits are about to find out how the longer audits are going to be a real challenge and definitely not worth the lower fee. I think I may sit the first round out and watch the disaster unfold!

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I don't mind doing the health and safety version. I do not want to spend six or seven hours in one of these stores. Not worth it!!
They just said the fee is less because they took out what they consider to be a large part of the audit (functionality, price checking, & Store Environment) Price check was not in most stores with electronic pricing and I don’t know what they mean by “Store Environment” because they still include - trip and fall, fire extinguishers, eye wash, bathrooms, warehouse black boxes, register stickers, television stickers, and on and on. So to me with the Safety Part added In the audit will actually be longer not shorter. The SWS section still has functionality computer check. I don’t think the people that make the decision to cut the pay really understand the auditing components.

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I think they will be alot easier and faster without pricing and functionality. The old audits took me about 5 hours. The new audits should take 3 - 4 hours at the most. It will be difficult to do 2 in one day though, unless the stores are very close to each other. I hope the pay isn't lowered too much.
Gmason, I never had to do the pricing part of the audit in my area because of electronic tags. The functionality was pretty quick if the store was staying on top of things. Now add the Safety Audit in has a new component (with all of those 15+ pictures), and take out the Functionality part, I don’t see how it can be much quicker. The worst part of the audit is the 100 line items you have to individually enter and audit in Planograms. If they fix that part so you only have to list the errors it would go much faster. The SWAS is still being audited. So in reality they are now getting 3 Audits rolled into 1 ( Safety- SWAS - BB Store) Lets see if they break them down that way after the audit is received in Sassie. That’s what they were doing with the regular store audit and the SWAS audit. Paying the workers for 1 audit and billing big box store twice, The locations without a SWAS were much easier and paid the same (they are changing that too). Now consider you will be wearing a mask and gloves and keeping 6 ft away from staff and customers. I doubt anyone can complete two in a day unless they cut corners and drive really fast to another store that is fairly close. Hey I could be wrong, so I guess the first month will be the shake out test. Seriously, Good Luck 2 everyone that’s giving it a shot !
looks like it's $65 and the scheduler estimated time is only 2 hours (but another email said 4 hours so i guess we'll wait to see what people say after they do them)
Yeah I have been completing these audits for over 5 years. I often would travel pretty far to do them, averaging at least 6-10 a month, and I always loved doing them, but for that pay I am definitely sitting them out. Functionality never seemed to bad to me and I just don't see it worth it for the money. Maybe when the weather gets cold I will consider, but for now no thanks.
I saw that audit in 2 hour e-mail. I thought whoever is doing these in two hours Is someone I need to get some tips So I decided to try one and it actually took me longer than the old ones. The functionality part was basically just clicking yes unless you came across a problem and then you had to upload a couple pictures. So now the added Health and Safety is uploading 20 pictures and the audit is suppose to be faster? I would like to get someone to show me how they can do the POGs in 1 hour because I hated doing the data entry it when it was just 50 seven digit it’s those 50 plus 50 twenty digit part numbers, that is the REAL hair puller. They use to be worth traveling for but now they are priced for people who live nearby.
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