Has anyone seen an eyeglass or car wash assignment recently?

I'm due for both and hoping to find an assignment. Thank you so much! This forum is so helpful and a great resource.

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Alta 360 had some carwashes recently which were part of a C= store reveal visit. Reinbursement, Very simple report and a little bit of a fee.

Roxanne, what area are you in? A lot of the car wash shops I see are for small regional chains.
Bare has some, but all I've seen so far are the 'express' washes (where they don't clean the inside). I hope the more inclusive ones come back!

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iSecretShop has an MSC that is offering car washes in the Southeast area. They are for a regional chain. Pay was $15 with up to a $12 reimbursement if you got all the bells and whistles, which I did!!
Good information here!

About those eyeglass shops... do you keep the glasses? Do they pay for multiple features?

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Shared Insight always has car wash shops in my area. Very low fee but the wash is very good and you can upgrade a bit if up-sold (on your own dime for the difference).
@Shop-et-al wrote:

About those eyeglass shops... do you keep the glasses? Do they pay for multiple features?

The last time I did an eyeglass shop (it was about a decade ago at this point), I was paid a high flat fee that didn't come close to covering the cost of the glasses. Of course, I took the shop because I needed new glasses anyways and getting paid even a fraction of the cost was better than nothing.
@mjt9598 wrote:

A Closer Look has recently had eyeglass shops, and Customer Impact has had car washes.
Not sure what area you're in but the car wash chain I was shopping for CI is now with IntelliShop. Just got an email from a scheduler today.
The eye glass shop I did for international Service check allowed me to keep 1 pair but they were basic and super cheap approx $18! Totally not worth it...
I need to get new glasses. I'd love to do the big brand name chain again.

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