Is anyone experiencing issues with MF?

I have been attempting to log into the MF website for no less than 4 days and for some reason, the Find Shops tab will not show any info. All it does is show a loading screen. Is anybody else experiencing this? Just fyi, I'm using my Samsung Phone with Android and Google Chrome browser.

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It does that for me all the time, though never for days on end. You might try clearing your browser cache if you haven't already.
Try logging in from your desktop.

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It's frustrating at minimum! I even reached out to the help desk and all I got was a response saying no problem on our end. You might wanna try Chrome or Microsoft edge… I definitely have already tried both of those and cleared my cache cookies and all of the above! I think I will try my laptop next
My issue with marketforce is not this one, I see they have a green icon on shops that they want me to bid what I want to be paid. I have added gas money amounts ($3+) as I am in Northern CA and gas is over $3 a gallon. So if they offer $20 and I submit $23.00 I do not get assigned the shop. Does anyone know the cut off amounts they are willing to pay? I could gladly accommodate them on finishing these shops with the green icon but am not receiving assignments. When I go back to the shop log and click on the location, it says accept the amount ($20) shown.
The acceptance process is a mystery. Generally $4 over the current rate results in an accepted offer for me. Except when it doesn't. If I know a location is classified as "difficult" I can double the amount and the shop will still be accepted.
@foodluvr The CPI will finally show up. It takes a looooong time to load. You see a blank screen forever!
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