VERITES: Revised trailer check form?

Have not done any trailer checks as my state theaters remain closed. Curious to ask what new data is now required for Covid procedures followed by theater staffs?

Many Thanks

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Short few yes/no questions on covid compliance and audience return. Input form is the same. smiling smiley
Website still does not open up. Could it be no checks in my area which is likely as NY theaters remain closed...
Most likely. The website has historically been solely for reporting assigned trailer checks. For a Friday trailer check, my assignments do not show up until Thursday night. I saw no changes to this relationship for the Tenet trailer checks. Also the website is now
Yes, you can only see data when shops (theaters) assigned to you, usually late in the eve day before film showing date. Email from your scheduler is still the only communication for avail upcoming checks, and/or questions for follow up.
PA is starting trailer checks, but I only see a few theaters listed. There are new schedulers. I was told my regular scheduler retired.
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