Mystery Shop Companies In Atlanta

Hi! I’m transferring to Atlanta next month and wanted to know what mystery shop companies you guys would recommend. I love doing routes, gas station stops and age verification assignments.

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Well I’ve been working for agencies based in where I am now. I know of like the general places like IPSOS but do you need a direct agent for those jobs?
Once you change your address in your MSC profiles you'll begin to get emails when shops are available in the new address area.

Market Force has routes you could do, and I believe their main HQs are in the Atlanta area. Just sign up as Cease recommends. Start with the 15 Most Discussed MSCs in the link below of Official MSCs.
You don't need an agent to mystery shop in GA. Just start signing up with MSCs and go for it.
Thanks for the Market Force plug. Please be sure to sign up on the main website for mystery shoppers and the theatre, audit and merchandising division at (they have more overt, monthly assignments)
A Customer's Point of View, Inc. Is located in the Atlanta area and we have a few shops available in Atlanta. Register with us at

Lisa Brutton
A Customer's Point of View, Inc.
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