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I'm so tired of burgers and mattresses. I know they do lots of other types of shops but I can't ever see them. What's the trick to being offered more/different shops?

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Some may be regional. I live in Texas but when I go home to KC, I see different shops that don't exist here.
There are some gas station and grocery shops in my area (Southeast) as well as those you mentioned.
They had some really easy and high-paying phone store revealed reviews earlier this fall. I don’t see any now - either they’re done for the period or I did so many I can’t take any more.
By the way, I’m currently seeing within 80 miles of me 160 shops. All but 3 are mattress or burger.
All I am getting is drive in and burgers. I started MSing early this year so excited to do different restaurants once the pandemic starts to end.

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They recently had a retail shop offered with a $12 reimbursement, no fee. The only addresses were in huge malls with no indication of what the store was or where it was located in the mall. Who would do this with no idea of what you had to buy before accepting the shop? Cell phones, men's retail, cosmetics...I don't even want to try and guess. I suppose we could email help desk, but not worth my time. Has anyone done one who could give a general idea of what type of store they were for?

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I saw that one. If you go to the qualifying questions it tells you the store by asking if you know anyone who works at that retail chain. There is no penalty to just look at the questions and not answering them if you are not interested. The one I saw is a cosmetic company that uses all natural ingredients. I passed.
A few weeks ago I did a car painting shop inquiry that was nicely bonused. There is also the discount department store. Prior to chaos, there was a regional grocery chain.

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Once in a very long while, they also offer a Mexican restaurant shop with a $45 - $55 reimbursement.
@LindaM wrote:

Once in a very long while, they also offer a Mexican restaurant shop with a $45 - $55 reimbursement.
Wow, not around here. Here it's mattresses, "Who wants a burger?," Drive-in fast food, and the occasional gas station audit or "Easy retail/furniture shop!"
I only see burger shops in my area, and the occasional auto or retail. I think a lot of companies are not being shopped. However, their client list in my area pre-Covid is nothing like it was years ago. I am picking up restaurant to go shops from other companies.
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