Who else has had enough of Ipsos reports timing out after 10 minutes?

Have done 2 today and both would not save my report after only entering information for 10 minutes. So now what? Do I have to save the report after entering each answer? Cmon guys. Don’t say I have 30 minutes to save if I only have 10!!

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And I thought it was just me. I was doing gas station shops last week and I like to enter everything in before I leave in order to avoid a potential mistake or missing photo etc and I kept having them time out after about 9:00 or 10 minutes and there was no warning it just stopped and I lost everything I was working on.
I had this happen to me and I was saving every 10 questions, only because the FRUSTRATION at having to re-enter data was beyond me.....the volcano was erupting! Ipsos assured me that mine was a personal issue. Now, I am the first to admit that I have personal issues, but this was not one of them. In fact, my scheduler told me that mine was the only case they had heard of. I thought if I was completing the shop within 30 minutes, I was fine. Well, not exactly. Yesterday, however, I had no problem with a 17 minute shop report.
Yes my problem has corrected itself, however I will keep saving my report every few minutes to be safe. Seems like it comes and goes. I have 4 to do this weekend.
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