@sestrahelena wrote:

I've noticed they've eased up on the low grades in the past week. Specifically on gas shops. Maybe they got the message?

Never mind. I take it back!


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Two shops that I did I received a 10 for each. For the next two shops, a 6 for each. For the shops with a 6 rating, the comments were the same:
-Make sure POP/OSA is marked correctly. -Make sure all fields start with a capital letter followed by mixed case.

BTW, I put the period at the end of each sentence, the editor did not use any punctuation.

With regard to the POP, I believe I did mark it correctly since there was outdated POP. As for using a Capital letter, the only area where I write anything would be the name of the attendant and what I purchased. I always use capital letter for the person's name, but not for the purchased item.
I find it interesting that the first 2 shops were tens and the last 2 were sixes. It makes me wonder if the editor for the first 2 was not the same as the last 2. I did not use a Capital letter for the purchased item for the first 2 shops.
It makes me wonder if I have a truly nit picking editor.

If so, I would like to point out to that fussypants editor that this is not a "White Glove" audit!
All of my reports are consistently good quality. I have been providing the same quality for 10 years. Some of my reports come back as a 10, some as an eight, some as a six, and they all have vague reasons for being marked off. I've decided to just not care anymore. I will provide good reports, get paid, and continue to work. That's all I care about.
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